June 29, 2018

“Marking” 40 Years of Agency Leadership

Davis Elen recently celebrated its CEO & Chairman’s 40-year work anniversary with, well, a prank. CCO David Moranville saw fit to fill Mark’s office with over 1,500 balloons! The balloons migrated throughout the office as the day progressed, causing delight among staffers who kicked their way through them, or used them for batting practice (like our President, Bob Elen).

Davis Elen has been in Mark’s family for 70 years, starting with his grandfather, Henry Mayers, who opened the agency (The Mayers Group) in 1948. Mark started at the company in the mailroom during the days before email and the Internet, so the mailroom was the hub of communications for the entire office. Because Mark sounded a lot like the boss at the time (his dad, Bob Davis), he would call Accounting and tell them “to give that Mark kid a raise.” Mark worked his way up to accounts and the rest is DE history.